Wednesday, October 1, 2008

old age homes

its rely sad to know that old age homes in our country are steeply increasing. It clearly shows the kind of love we reciprocate towards are parents and grand parents who in their early parenthood would have found it rely difficult to provide us the best education possible and the hardwork that they have undergone to bring us to this level where we are.i rely cant imagine the reasons behind it ,be it the selfishness of man or the feeling that their duty is directed only towards their new family,wateva be it we should try our level best to make sure we take care of them as they did wen we were young.and lets not forget that one day we also will become old and wen we realise that our kids are gonna put is in a home the amount of emotional pain that we will undergo will be tremendous and traumatic.lets make sure that tomorrow' society is a one filled with big families and love being the key fuel of its running.

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